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Dentists are our Best Friends

Apr 27, 2019

    Dentists are medical professionals who are expert in the needs of our teeth and how to correct it.  They also can make our smiles beautiful and will remain as it is.  That is as long as we make regular visits to our dentist whom we are comfortable with and became our best friends through constant check-ups .  May it be once a year or every six months, depending on the current situation of your teeth and whole mouth.  If you continue to disregard the problem that you are experiencing, like a decayed tooth, it will eventually affect the other tooth beside it and so on.  It will then develop into a bad breath and if it worsens, your dentist will recommend for it to be extracted.  This is a sign of a bad oral habit.    

    Headache is a common result of an aching tooth.  It will dampen a sunny day.  Especially the people around you will be affected by it.  Relationships are sometimes broken due to rough responses by individuals who are suffering from severe pain caused by headache from an infected tooth.  Our dentists can teach us how to maintain good oral habits to stop toothaches from happening again.

Dental procedures that Fleming Island Dentists can do

    Habitual visits with our dentists can help identify solutions to teeth problems.  They can perform the following procedures depending on your teeth’s need:

  • Extractions
  • Cleanings
  • X-Ray
  • Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Braces

    Advance dental technologies are now available to be used by our dentists for faster results and correct procedures to be done to their patients.  Like dental X-ray, the dentist can now give correct diagnosis to patients who suffer from a severe teeth and gum problems that are hard to detect visually.  

    Oral cancer screening can also be performed by dentists to patients who are identified as chain smokers and are heavy drinkers.  By doing this test, early detection of the cancer can help specialists to apply correct treatment and medications to the patient.

    Teeth enhancements through laser teeth whitening is a procedure done to gain a teeth 10 shades whiter than before.

    Dental braces are available to be done to patients who have crooked or misaligned set of teeth.  It gradually corrects the teeth by using dental wires to straighten it and to make it look more pleasing than before.  It is at the same time correcting your bite and how you eat as well as how you communicate to other people.  It is like gaining back your confidence by having a new set of teeth.  

   Our dentists are not only like tooth fairies who gave you nice things as a gift like a gold coin.  For a child, those are bribes after a roller coaster ride of emotions and crying moments when a dentist pulled-out a tooth.  Dentists are also like cupid who knows how to create relationships.  Like a bridge, they fill the gaps not only to our teeth but also to seekers of a good romance, who happen to pass by.  It’s an effect of a beautiful set of teeth with an irresistible smile.  

    Thanks to our very helpful Fleming Island dentists whom we can rely on when a bad tooth hurt.  Daily flossing and brushing three times a day will keep the doctors away but our journey towards teeth enhancements are always available for a more beautiful you.    



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