Kid’s Braces

At Eagle Harbor Dental, we understand the needs of your children that is why we are dedicated to providing quality care for you and your kids. We make sure that the fear of going to the dentist and other misconceptions are gone. We set the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health habits.

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Children and Orthodontics

If your kids have a set of crooked teeth, crossbites, or protruding front teeth correcting it with orthodontics treatment as early as ages 6 or 7 while the teeth are still developing and the jaw is still growing can help save their beautiful smile. Orthodontics can straighten out crooked teeth making brushing and flossing easier among the little ones. Keep teeth and gums healthy as orthodontics help remove oral debris before it turns into plaque.

Children’s Dental ServicesSince children have different reactions to the procedure, making them comfortable is our utmost priority. Some children may resist as they come to the visit and receive care but we at Eagle Harbor Dental are always patient and compassionate to help take their worries away!

Helping Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists

If your little one needs to have dental work but he seems terrified and uncomfortable, we are well-versed in the fine art of making children comfortable and keeping them entertained. Effective visits can be achieved once children are in their comfortable state. We have televisions in the ceilings to keep kids entertained while we focus on their teeth. In extreme cases, we can administer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, so that they can still receive the oral care they need without the extra stress. helping to establish trust and mitigate their worries.

Braces for Children

Eagle Harbor Dental offers Invisalign® clear aligners that can straighten teeth as effective as braces. The aligners are removable making it easier for your kids to maintain good oral hygiene. Invisalign is clear so your kids wouldn’t have to worry about it being noticeable. Thousands of orthodontists now are using aligners to treat various teeth alignment issues.

If you need an effective and comfortable orthodontics treatment for your child, visit us and experience the benefits of orthodontics.

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