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Should You Go to the ER or Dentist?

Intense mouth pain could leave you considering a visit to the emergency room. Unfortunately, the most doctors can do is provide relief through painkillers. We recommend seeing your dentist who will be able to perform dental procedures to solve the problem at its root. Contact us if you are experiencing extreme pain from a toothache.

Woman holding face in pain

Woman holding face in pain

When to seek treatment

Toothache Red Flags

While you should have any toothache attended to quickly, these are indicators you should seek emergency dental care:

  • 🚩 Fever
  • 🚩 Headache
  • 🚩 Persistent, intense pain
  • 🚩 Swollen face or neck glands
  • 🚩 Difficulty swallowing or opening mouth

Toothache Causes

Toothaches can sneak up on you, seemingly out of nowhere. Look out for these issues that may indicate a pesky, painful toothache is in your future. If you can catch the problem before it worsens you can usually avoid mouth pain altogether.

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Tooth abscess

Warning sign icon

Tooth fracture

Warning sign icon


Warning sign icon

Grinding teeth

Warning sign icon

Infected gums

Get temporary relief

At-Home Remedies

It’s unlikely you can banish a toothache entirely with at-home remedies, but it can help with temporary relief. Here’s some tips for managing toothache symptoms before getting in to see your dentist.

  • Cleanse with a warm salt water rinse
  • Use a diluted hydrogen peroxide mouthwash
  • Try a cold compress on the affected area
  • Dab a small amount of clove oil on the affected area

Woman rinsing her mouth

How We Help

Dental Treatments for Toothaches


In the case of severe tooth decay, your dentist may determine extractions are the best option.


In most instances of decay, your dentist will relieve tooth decay symptoms with a filling.

Root Canal

Toothaches caused by an infection of the tooth’s nerve will be treated with a root canal.


If you experience a fever or swelling, your dentist will likely prescribe an antibiotic.

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Dr. Standish has been serving Clay County patients at Eagle Harbor Dental for over 30 years. His daughters Dr. Kelly & Dr. Erin joined the practice and they’ve been creating beautiful smiles as a family ever since. With extensive educations and memberships, our dentists are the best that Fleming Island has to offer.


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