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How Do You Clean Dentures?

Follow these steps to properly care for your dentures
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Jul 13, 2021

Having good oral health is important whether you’re wearing dentures or not. It’s essential for anyone wearing dentures to keep their dentures clean. Keeping your dentures clean will also keep them in good condition for much longer.

Here’s a brief step-by-step walkthrough for cleaning your dentures.

How to Clean Your Dentures in 5 Steps

Person cleaning dentures with denture cleanser

1. Rinse Your Dentures Immediately After Removal

When you’re ready to take out your dentures, be ready to spend a few minutes cleaning them up. Start by rinsing your dentures off under running water.

2. Clean Your Dentures With a Denture Brush

Gently clean your dentures with a denture brush or soft-bristled toothbrush. If you’d like, use a denture paste to ensure you’re getting them good and clean. Just be sure to avoid regular toothpastes with dentures as they can be damaging.

3. Clean Your Mouth Whenever You Remove Your Dentures

Whenever you have removed your dentures, take the opportunity to clean your mouth as well. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush on any natural teeth you have. On your tongue, your cheeks, and palate (the roof of your mouth), use either a piece of gauze or soft toothbrush to clean. Make sure to remove any adhesive from your gums.

4. Soak Your Dentures Overnight

You should soak your dentures in a glass of water overnight, with or without a mild denture cleanser depending on your preference. This is to help them retain their shape. While you should follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the dentures, you can also talk with your dentist about how to best soak your dentures.

5. Rinse Your Dentures Before Putting Them Back In

Before putting your dentures back into your mouth, make sure to thoroughly rinse them. This step is especially important if you use a denture cleanser. The denture cleanser is meant to only be used on the dentures and shouldn’t go into your mouth.

Tips for Cleaner Dentures

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Rinse Your Dentures After Eating

After you eat, take your dentures out and rinse them with water. This is to remove any food particles that may have gotten stuck in them while you were eating. It may be a good idea to either fill the sink with water or place a towel in the bottom of the sink as a cushion. That way, if you drop the dentures they’ll be protected from breaking.

Brush Your Dentures Once a Day

You should brush your dentures at least once a day. To do this, remove your dentures and then soak them. Next, brush the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure that your denture cleanser is non-abrasive. Brushing will remove any food, plaque, and anything else that could build up on the dentures. Don’t forget to clean the grooves of the dentures where they fit against your gums, especially if you use adhesives. Your denture cleaner shouldn’t be used inside of your mouth, only on the dentures themselves.

Regularly Visit the Dentist

Just like natural teeth, dentures also require professional cleanings periodically. Ask your dentist how frequently you should schedule appointments for professional cleanings and fittings. Your dentist will also check the fit of your dentures to make sure they’re still properly fitting your mouth. Properly fitting dentures won’t slip or cause discomfort. A dental visit will also involve the dentist checking your mouth to ensure that you have good oral health.

If your dentures feel too loose, make sure to book an appointment with your dentist right away. Poorly fitting dentures can result in sores, irritation, and infection.

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