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The Importance of Helping Your Kids Establish Good Dental Health Now

Nov 15, 2016

Good dental health is important for everyone, but can be particularly crucial for kids. The habits that they’re taught today set up the foundation for the way they’ll live the rest of their lives. Establishing good dental health habits while they’re young can also help to keep them healthier and boost their confidence.

Showing Kids the Basics

Teaching kids how to brush and floss may seem like a chore at first, but can help them to take greater responsibility for their own health and appearance. They’ll know how to get annoying food debris out of their teeth and keep their smiles shiny. Brushing and flossing for them regularly when they’re very young and showing them how to do it when they’re old enough is a great way to set these habits.

Equally important, however, is being a role model for good dental habits. If you rarely brush and floss or visit the dentist, your children are not going to hold oral hygiene as a priority no matter how much you preach. Let them see you take care of your own dental health and they‘ll be more likely to follow your example.

Preventing Diseases and Complications

Dental decay and cavities are very common in children, but they are highly preventable. Good dental habits can prevent the expense and stress associated with filling cavities and having to have more invasive cleanings done. Brushing and flossing regularly can also prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

While brushing and flossing most immediately affect the teeth and mouth, other diseases and complications may also be prevented with good dental habits. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease have all been linked to poor oral health. Setting good habits now may help your children to lower their risk factors for these conditions later.

Boosting Confidence

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” is a line that promotes positivity that many parents and teachers like to repeat to children. When children are embarrassed of their smile, however, it can put a damper on their lives. By showing them how to practice good oral care, you can help them to prevent stains and problems, which may boost confidence and make them proud to show that smile.

Visiting the Dentist

Most children experience some anxiety the first time or the first few times they visit the dentist.  Whether this anxiety subsides or worsens has a lot to do with your reactions, their oral health, and the dental visits themselves. Maintaining a positive attitude and selecting a dentist that makes an effort to comfort children can do wonders for making dentist visits less scary.

Teeth that have been maintained and well cared for can also make dentist visits easier. If a cleaning consists of minimal plaque removal and polishing, it’s likely to be less painful and quicker than a visit where more intense plaque removal is required. By setting your child up for pleasant dentist visits, you may help to prevent a lifelong fear of the dentist.

Stop by with your child today and see if Eagle Harbor Dental is right for you! Our team takes the time to make children’s dental visits as pleasant as possible while teaching good habits.

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