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Do Dentures Cause Pain?

Some pain is normal, but sores may be a sign you should talk to your dentist
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Aug 20, 2021

Some amount of pain with dentures can be perfectly normal. This is especially true when you first get your dentures and are still adjusting to wearing them. Even after you’ve had your dentures for a while, your gums and bone structure can change, which may lead to soreness.

What Can Cause Denture Pain?

There can be some pain during the adjustment period when you first get your dentures. But there are other causes of denture pain that need to be addressed by a dentist. If you have severe pain or pain beyond the normal adjustment period, you should speak with your dentist.

Poor Fitting Dentures

If your dentures don’t fit properly, then they can cause pain. Dentures that fit initially may no longer be a perfect fit if your gums or oral bone structure has changed over time. If your dentures no longer fit correctly, they can rub against your gums and cause sores. They could also rub against the roof or bottom of your mouth. Wearing poor-fitting dentures can eventually cause bone resorption, which puts a lot of pressure on sensitive nerves in your jaw and can be extremely painful when chewing.


You may also experience pain if you don’t keep your dentures properly cleaned. Dentures that aren’t cleaned well or often enough can have bacteria buildup. This bacteria can cause yeast to form, which can then cause painful sores to form on your gums.

Ill-fitting Dentures Aggravating You?

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